Das Tanzzentrum im Herzen von Wien

BALBOA, BABY Start 19.9.2017

Welcome to Balboa, Baby!
Our goal is to make you dance.
Fast and slow.
And love every bit of it.


Since 2012, we’ve been organizing a weekly Swing dance event and a yearly bigger event, mainly with the focus on the dances Balboa and Laminu.


Because both dances need some boosting in Vienna. Balboa is a hot Swing dance from the 1930/1940ies, danced to Swingy Jazz music that can be very hot and fast.

Laminu is an “orphan dance” that is sometimes referred to as slow balboa – with all the elegance and charme of the slow Jazz music of the era.

For further information click: www.balboa-baby.at


Slow Swing Dances for Beginners

Dienstag 19:30

€ 95,-/Person

je 6 Einheiten

Balboa From Zero to Hero

Dienstag 20:45

€ 95,- /Person

je 6 Einheiten